About us
Based in the USA, Mining Automatic is not your typical mining company. We're more than a business – we're enthusiasts, pioneers, and partners shaping the global future of digital finance. Innovation drives our journey, empowering investors of all levels to thrive in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. With transparency at our core, we invite you to join a movement – a collaborative venture where accessibility, empowerment, and progress define our shared path in the world of digital finance.

Leadership & Team

We are a dedicated group of global experts, brought together with a singular mission: to establish groundbreaking brands and digital encounters in the realm of Bitcoin mining that leave a lasting impression, foster a dedicated following, and bring individuals together.

Zan Shaikh
Hassan Shaikh
Vice President
Andrew Sharp
Chief Operating Officer
Trevor Larsen
Chief Marketing Officer
Rarjan Singh
Chief Revenue Officer
Yousef Younis
VP of Operations
Tiffany Mahon
Director of Operations
Alex Garza
Director of Marketing
Ali Samad
Creative Director
Marco Giovanni
Business Support Manager
Armani Montesino
Client Success Manager
Vish Kaul
Client Success Manager
Arbi Abdiu
Client Success Manager
Sean Conerly
Harlan Ryker
Senior Advisor
Bogdan Micov
Senior Advisor
Huguette Carbonneau
Senior Advisor
Jim Brown
Jack Lesniewski
Timotheus Yuen
Arhum Balaparya
Savio John
Samee Shaikh
Riquel Florentino
Support Professional
Ava Hall
AI Advisor